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Works on display at Virkki home museum 16.3.-8.6.2023

"I look at the world with eyes that immerse, linger, search and find. Beneath the noisy everyday observation, there are quiet tones bubbling with meaning. There are abandoned objects that have people's life stories written on them. There are discarded, trashed materials that could still shine and capture the viewer to see the beauty hidden beneath their surface and remind us of the connection between nature and man and the possibilities to nurture this connection. The negatives of human activity the effects on the environment often create a dystopian story about the future. In addition to this, I would like to use my works to tell the story of man's human desire to create beauty around himself and to look for horizons of hope despite everything."

Johanna Virtanen is a visual artist living and working in Helsinki. She has held several solo exhibitions, as well as participated in numerous joint exhibitions both at home and abroad. Materials and the visual and content messages intertwined with them are at the center of her three-dimensional works.

Pirkko Sallinen-Gimpl
1940 - 2022 In memoriam

Karelian researcher Pirkko Sallinen-Gimpl PhD (née Kovalainen) passed away on 10.2.2022, but her memory and her work lives on.

The sad news affects not only the Tyyne-Kerttu Virkki Foundation, but all those who nurture Karelian culture. ​

Holiday traditions interested Pirkko, who was born in North Karelia, ...

Aallon_Näytös21_kuvituskuva tiedotteesta.jpg
Tyyne-Kerttu Virkki seminar
17.3. 2023 from 13:00 to 16:00

"Towards sustainable development textile's story renewed"


PÄIVÄLEHTEN MUSEUM / Auditorium, Ludviginkatu 2-4,

00130 Helsinki

The seminar continues the theme of the previous seminar (2020) and draws attention to the responsibility of fashion, clothing design and the textile industry: reducing textile waste and the possibilities of reusing textiles and the development of more environmentally friendly materials.


The problems of the current topic and the ongoing efforts are widely highlighted in the presentations of experts from different fields. The memorial seminar of handicraft adviser Tyyne-Kerttu Virkki, dealing with current themes, is being held now

20th time.

Participation is free




Initial words

Silja Koskimies, assistant

Tyyne-Kerttu Virkki Foundation


Sustainable growth of the textile and fashion industry:

under what conditions and how?

Marja-Liisa Niinikoski, CEO

Suomen Tekstiili & Muoti ry

A dream of sustainable textile systems

Minna Halme, professor

Aalto University, FinixAalto

Product development that supports nature

- cattail down as material

Fluff Stuff Oy


Utilization of household waste textiles

as a domestic raw material

Anna Garton, removal textile expert

Southwest Finland Waste Management

Creating a collection from waste textiles and cutting waste by means of braiding
Katariina Rainio, designer


Visible mending - darning as mending

Minttu Wikberg, textile artist

Wallpaper: AALTO 21 show




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