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Previous Guest Artists

Synnöve Dickhoff

In the fall and winter season 2022-23

"In these works displayed in Virkki Home Museum, I deal with the themes of life's limitation and transience. The beginning and end of life are the ultimate questions of our existence and subjects present in my art."

Ulla-Maija Vikman
Summer 2020

The work "Kaipuu", 2018, is painted with reactive colours on viscose yarns and could be seen at the Virkki Home Museum until the end of August 2020.

Ulla Pohjola
Spring and Summer 2020

"I study the cycles of man and nature in my art. Birth, life and death have long been the subjects of my artworks. In my works, I combine embroidery, plants that I cultivate, natural materials, flea market items, and tempera and oil painting. In my works and their subjects, you can experience everything that a person carries with them, consciously or unconsciously. Hiding, protecting, changing, the momentary nature of life, the mystery of being human, and the invisible, inexplicable presence repeat in my works. The personal way of working brings private feelings and the world of images into a shared experience. The hand and the heart have an intuitive connection and interaction at their best: direct contact with materials, presence and stillness are important."

Ulla pohjola.jpg
Sonja Löfgren
Spring and Summer 2019

The hand-embroidered works of Stockholm-based textile artist Sonja Löfgren were on display at the Virkki Home Museum from spring until the end of August.

Raija Rastas
Autumn and Winter 2018

On September 18, the Day of Silence was comemorated in Merikannontie in the company of textile artist Raija Rastaa. Virkki's exhibition wall received 2 new works by Raija Rasta: left, "By the water" and right, "Virtaava".

In the presentation on 23.10. Raija Rastas spoke of her extensive working career in church textiles and other art, with plenty of work samples.

Raija Rastas.jpg
Inka Kivalo
Spring and Summer 2018

Inka talked about her glowing colourful tapestries on display, her art, and her career.

Heli Tuori-Luutonen

Heli Tuori-Luutonen presented herself as a textile artist in the Virkki Home Museum.

On display was the Raita rug designed by Tuori-Luutonen for lovers of Finnish handicrafts.

Jokinen_kiertoradalla pap.jpg
Raija Jokinen

Artist Raija Jokinen started a series of artist visits at the Virkki home museum.


In her art, she has developed her own technique, where she combines painting, drawing, papermaking, embroidery and textiles.

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