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Synnöve Dickhoff's works are on display at Virkki home museum until March 15, 2023.
The works can be viewed by attending our guided tours.

The collection of eight of Synnöve Dickhoff's works that now hang in the Virkki home museum is made up of works that originally belonged to different sets of works. Pieces have been selected from the series 'Final Flowers' and 'Existence'. Dickhoff's works are narrative. Reflection on the life cycle is a theme that has been present in Dickhoff's works for a long time. The paper- and textile-based works are made by combining embroidery with colored paper.

"In the works displayed in Virkki Home Museum, I deal with themes of life's limitations and transience. The beginning and end of life are the ultimate questions of our existence, and the subjects present in my art."

The works consist of collage-like details, very thin paper, threads and textile fragments. I like light materials that take many shapes, which I work with by hand, e.g. by embroidering, binding, darning."

Synnöve Dickhoff (b. 1964 Petäjävesi) graduated from the department of textile art, in Helsinki University of Applied Arts, in 1995. After graduation, Dickhoff has held several solo exhibitions and participated in numerous domestic and foreign group exhibitions, and has been actively involved in organizing textile and fine art group exhibitions in various parts of Finland. Synnöve Dickhoff's works are in private collections, public spaces and State art collections.

Read more about the artist: Synnöve Dickhoff – Visual Artist (

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